Cult Exit Counsellor / Addictions Therapist

Who am I ?
I specialize in cult exit counselling (exfiltreur de sectes in French); I have been helping cult members/families with a relative in cults for a few years. I gained valuable experience in England.

I abide by the Code de déontologie des psychologues as applied both in England and in France. I work in strict discretion and confidentiality.

I have a Master’s degree in French, English and German ( HULL University England &PARIS 7 University). A Diploma in Addiction Counselling, A Diploma in Pastoral Counselling (Glasgow Institute of Counselling)

Professional experience
In addition, I have worked as an English teacher, and interpreter for refugees, an Interpreter in tribunals in England, an Interpreter for psychologists and clinicians in England, Caring for sufferers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I also worked an active member of a religious organization both as a member an in a pastoral capacity.

Counselling and cult exit strategies
I work face-to-face and on Skype/phone counselling with individuals of all ages and with couples and families. I benefit from psychoanalytical supervision (my tutor from Glasgow University)

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