Oct 27, 2023
Things Every First-time Spray Tanner Should Know

Tanning is no longer just about basking under the sun. With changing time, tanning techniques have also evolved. Now, one can get that instant sun-kissed-tan within minutes with spray tanning. While frequent tanners may have experienced bad tan situation, someone who is new to tanning may get overwhelmed with tanning mistakes.

Since bad tanning can put you into an awkward and embarrassing situation, it’s essential to prepare for the spray tanning process. Make sure before you finalize tanning beds Virginia Beach, you read the reviews left by the clients. Consult the beautician who would be conducting the spray tanning session about all the dos and don’ts.

In this blog, we have highlighted some come tanning situation that can freak-out any first-time tanner.

#1 The tan looks too dark

Many first time tanners complain that their tan looks darker than what they asked for. However, there is nothing to worry about. Spray tanning solutions contain cosmetic bronzers that get stick to the skin surface. The excessive bronzer gets washed off after the first shower post the tanning session. After you take your first shower, you will notice a natural tan.

#2 All the tan got washed away

If you are a first-time tanner, you may find the tan solution draining down after your first shower and freak-out. However, it’s only the bronzer that gets washed away in the shower. Once the bronzer is completely rinsed, you will be left with a wonderful looking natural tan.

#3 My tan is ruined because I sat down

Post your tanning session, you may find your tan smudging and smearing. Well, there is nothing to worry about as it is natural. Moreover, it takes around 10 hours for the tan solution to set completely. After that time, you will have an even looking tan on your skin.

#4 My tan is fading

Like suntan, an indoor tan doesn’t last for a long time. Airbrush tans last for around 7 to 10 days. Since different people have different skin tone and complexion, their skin holds the tan solution differently. While it’s impossible to avoid or stop fading out of tan, one can delay the process. If you want your tan to stay for long, avoid swimming, scrubbing, and sweating. Doing things that make you sweat can wash off the tan quickly. Another trick is to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated at all times. You can also use instant tan solutions to enhance your tan or book a beauty angel light therapy session.

#5 The spray tan has stained my clothes

You might have noticed people heading out to their closest tanning booth, usually dressed in dark colors. While your clothing choice does not affect your tan, it can help you keep your clothes untainted. Although some bronzers do not stick to most materials, it’s best to avoid wearing light-shaded cloths. Some salons offer disposable thongs but if you decide to bring your own pair of clothes, make sure they are dark in color.

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